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Our branch meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month, commencing at 12 noon at various locations – sometimes in members gardens or at interesting local parks and environmental areas. BYO picnic lunch, afternoon tea, a chair and all the usual things needed for an outdoor activity. 

Remember to bring plant specimens from your garden to show and tell. Bring any potted plants for the Plant Exchange. If you have any plant problems or unexpected garden surprises bring them along for discussion too. 

All are welcome to attend any of our meetings. Details can be found on the Events Calendar.










The inaugural meeting of the Pine Rivers Branch of SGAP was held on 11th February 1976. Thirty-three people attended and Lawrie Smith was elected Chairman and Jan Sked Secretary. Pine Rivers has always been a very progressive and innovative group. It is situated on the edge of the metropolitan area and consists of a diverse community of city and country dwellers, ranging from the mountain tops to the shores of Moreton Bay.

In 1976 Pine Rivers produced its first book, Planting A Native Garden Volume 1, compiled by Jan Sked, which was updated in 1976, 77 & 78. In 1981, Planting A Native Garden Vol.2 was published. Also Jan Skeds The Flora of the Pine Rivers Valley, which has since been revised and re-published 3 times (the last revision in 1996). In 1985, a new book, Go Native - Wild Food Cookbook, compiled by Jan Sked, also went on sale. Then in August 1986 a new colour version of Planting A Native Garden was released. This was a combination of Volumes 1 and 2 ,with much additional information and colour photographs.

In 1981 Pine Rivers Branch elected to become an Affiliated Organization within the SGAP Queensland Region. However, they became a Branch of SGAP once again on 8th April 1991.

In 1982 Pine Rivers conducted the first of its immensely popular Safari Tours. This one was to the Kimberleys. This successful venture was followed by others - to the Kimberleys again in 1983, Kakadu and Ayers Rock in 1984, Western Australia in 1986, Tasmania in 1988, the Gunbarrel Highway in 1990 and the final Frontier Country Safari in 1992, which was an extensive tour of the Top End and the Kimberleys.

During Easter 1991 Pine Rivers hosted a Regional Conference with the theme - Back to Basics.