• Choricarpia leptopetala1
  • Comesperma ericinum at Basket Swamp NP1
  • Comesperma volubile1
  • Coronidium elatum1

Book Reviews

Harvest Tenfold: a Guide to Growing Timber Trees in the Mackay District


Published by SGAP Mackay Branch

15 pages  A4 size  soft cover


Published in 1994, this little book is packed with useful information to assist with planning, record keeping, site preparation, planting, care and maintenance, basic plant lists and references.


Price $5.00  +   Postage $2.70


Available from: 

SGAP Mackay Branch

PO Box 6864, MACKAY M.C. 4741

Make cheques payable to “S.G.A.P. Mackay Branch’

Book Reviews