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SGAP Qld Region State Conference 2010 8yabber

 /ˈjæbə/ (say 'yabuh) Colloquial
–verb (i) 1.  to talk; converse.
–noun 2.  talk; conversation.
[Australian pidgin, ? from Wuywurrung yaba; reinforced by jabber]
–yabberer, noun
from the Macquarie Dictionary

Yabba Capricorn - Rockhampton 2016

7-9 October 2016

Every two years members of Native Plants Queensland from across the state come together to 'Yabba'.  

Proposed Program  

Please note there may be some minor changes as the planning progresses 

Friday October 7  

Members will make their own way to Rockhampton from throughout Queensland  

Those arriving earlier will be offered suggestions for Friday afternoon to explore local areas of interest and Branch projects: Kershaw Gardens, Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, River Bank stabilization, etc  

5.00 Yabba together over a BYO drink and nibbles  

6.00 Evening meal  - either BYO or simple catering (fee) – to be decided  

7.00 Introduction to the weekend excursions  

7.30 NPQ Yabba – discussion evening re NPQ and our future    

Saturday October 8  

Today is a BYO food and beverage excursion  

8.00 Serpentine Country, Marlborough  (30 minutes north of Parkhurst)  

12.00 lunch – somewhere along the way  

1.00 Through the Trachyte Plug Country to Yeppoon, then to Coastal Scrubs of Double Heads, back through Emu Park and Cawarral (Mt Headlow)   

5.00 Back at Parkhurst – BYO drinks and nibbles   

6.00 Yabba BBQ Dinner (fee)  

7.30 Bill Tulloch Memorial Lecture – Leslie Lowe (2013 Diversity Bursary recipient)  

8.30 “Species Profile” fantastic digital tools that are available for information, collection  and plant identification of value to NPQ members.  

10.00 BYO Supper   

Sunday October 9  

Today is a BYO food and beverage excursion  

8.00 depart Parkhurst for Blackdown Tableland  

10.30 arrive Blackdown Tableland  

3.30 depart Blackdown Tableland  

6.00 return to Parkhurst  

It is expected that some members may decide stay on at Blackdown.  


We are investigating the feasibility of a coach from Brisbane (October 7 – 10) which will also be used for the excursions on Saturday and Sunday.  

Depending on the ultimate patronage numbers the costs would be of the order of: full four day fare approx. $200 and two day weekend fare approx. $70;   

To assist the final decision – please advise your interest in a seat by May 22.  

Train arrives from Brisbane at midnight – so probably not ideal for most  

Flights from Brisbane vary between carriers and times - $89 to $115 each way   



If you are interested in attending it is strongly recommended that you book your accommodation as soon as possible. We understand that the Singapore Army will be on manoeuvres in the region at the same time as Yabba and accommodation is even now at a premium.   

Members must make their own bookings - desirable as soon as possible.    

Recommended venue:  

Parkhurst Motel and Van Park (northside); it has camping, van and cabin accommodation  phone (07) 4936 1126 o Double rooms $70 / room  

or Family rooms $110 / room – 4 beds  

Aboriginal Cultural Centre Motel – within walking distance of above   

There are other motels on the northside but not within walking distance  


The Parkhurst Hall adjacent to the Parkhurst Motel will be the Yabba meeting venue. There are no café or restaurant facilities but a simple kitchen is available.  

Friday evening – to be BYO food and drinks  

Saturday evening – to be a BBQ organised by the Branch – (fee)  

The Parkhurst Tavern, a short drive away has food and drinks available.  


Yabba Update No 1 - 15 September 2016

Yabba Capricornia is now only 3 weeks away and we are anticipating a wonderful few days of botanising and socialising. We have approximately 55 registrations and places on the bus will soon become limiting.
The following couple of points are for your information.

1) The location of the meetings and barbeques will be the Parkhurst Hall (898 Yaamba Rd) which is located between the two main Parkhurst accommodation facilities. Rockhampton members will be around from 5.00pm on the Friday afternoon.

2) Receipts will be available with your registration package

3) In order to minimise wastage from disposable cups it would be helpful if delegates could bring their own mug. [There is a limited number of plastic mugs available with the bus].

4) We will provide a plastic water bottle with your registration package but if you have a favourite water bottle please bring it as the weather is warming up and you will need to watch hydration levels.

5) While we can cater for straight forward special dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free) anyone with unusual dietary requirements should consider providing their own supplementary fare.

I will send out further weekly updates so please check the website for further information. If you have specific questions, please email me on b.newby@cqu.edu.au and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively contact Neil Hoy on hoynd@optusnet.com.au

Bob Newby

Hon Secretary
NPQ (Rockhampton)