• Boronia falcifolia1
  • Choricarpia leptopetala1
  • Comesperma ericinum at Basket Swamp NP1
  • Comesperma volubile1
  • Coronidium elatum1

Activities Calendar


Sunshine Coast Branch



Sunday 11 June 2017 02:00pm

Meeting – 2.00pm – for a walk in the Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary at Bli Bli. Contact npscsecretarycs@gmail.com for details or visit website www.npqsuncoast.org.

Native Plants Queensland's Sunshine Coast Branch meet for 2-3 hours at 2pm on the second Sunday of each month except January, but there are often other events and propagation days between regular meetings. Many of our meetings are excursions to explore some of the beautiful natural places in our region, usually led by an expert in the flora of that location. For further details of our upcoming program, see our website npqsuncoast.org