• Choricarpia leptopetala1
  • Comesperma ericinum at Basket Swamp NP1
  • Comesperma volubile1
  • Coronidium elatum1

Activities Calendar


Gladstone Branch



Sunday 13 August 2017 09:30am

Gladstone branch conducts monthly daytime excursions to areas of botanical interest in the Port Curtis Region. If you would like to attend an excursion, please notify the branch secretary, Ruth on 07 4972 1447. Participants are asked to bring a first-aid kit, food and drinking water and ensure that they have sufficient petrol for the day.

Our excursions are for the purpose of

  • identifying and sharing knowledge of endemic species
  • collecting herbarium specimens for the Queensland Herbarium and the Tondoon Botanic Gardens Herbarium
  • collecting propagation material for the Tondoon Botanic Gardens nursery