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Ipswich Branch - Plant and Enviro Day


Saturday 02 September 2017 09:00am

Native Plants Queensland's Ipswich Branch will be hosting a Plant and Enviro Day at the Rosewood Showgrounds.

You'll find a huge sale of native plants - all your favourites as well as many you will not find in a commercial nursery.  

Ask our experts about which plants will attract birds and butterflies to your garden. Find out about bushfood plants that will grow well in your local area. 

We'll have books for sale and and a coffee van on hand!  Bring the kids along to enjoy the wildlife display.

There'll be interesting stalls and advice on local wildlife, local environmental groups and council programs such as Land for Wildlife, Tree Programs, Conservation Agreements, Feral Animal Control and Reycylcing

For more information phone 0419 779 530