• Choricarpia leptopetala1
  • Comesperma ericinum at Basket Swamp NP1
  • Comesperma volubile1
  • Coronidium elatum1

Native Plants Queensland encourages the use of botanical names for our native plants in preference to common names, as these can be quite different from one locality to another.

As a result of ongoing research carried out by botanists and taxonomists, it is inevitable that there will be changes to these botanical names as new information comes to light. We have attempted to list these changes as they become known.

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Old Name 2010New Name 2013Family
Acacia albizioides
Senegalia albizioides Mimosaceae
Acacia bidwillii Vachellia bidwillii Mimosaceae
Acacia clarksoniana Vachellia clarksoniana Mimosaceae
Acacia colei Acacia colei colei (in Queensland) Mimosaceae
Acacia concinna* (misapplied to Qld) Senegalia rugata* Mimosaceae
Acacia ditricha Vachellia ditricha Mimosaceae
Acacia farnesiana* Vachellia farnesiana* Mimosaceae
Acacia holosericea var.holosericea; Acacia holosericea Mimosaceae
Acacia holosericea var. glabrata    
Acacia kempeana (misapplied to Qld) Acacia sibirica Mimosaceae
Acacia nilotica ssp.indica* Vachellia nilotica* Mimosaceae
Acacia pennata ssp. kerrii I(N) Senegalia pennata ssp. kerrii (N) Mimosaceae
Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla (new record Qld) Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla Mimosaceae
Acacia stowardii (now separate sp.) Acacia clivicola; Acacia sibirica Mimosaceae
Acacia sutherlandii Vachellia sutherlandii Mimosaceae
Acacia tarculensis (new record for Qld) Acacia tarculensis Mimosaceae
Acalypha (newly recognised Qld) Acalypha pubiflora ssp. australica Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha lanceolata Acalypha lanceolata var. lanceolata (in Qld) Euphorbiaceae
Adenostemma lavenia (var. recognised) Adenostemma lavenia var. lanceolatum Asteraceae
Adenostemma lavenia (var. recognised) Adenostemma lavenia var. lavenia Asteraceae
Aeginetia saccharicola (new record Qld) Aeginetia saccharicola Scrophulariaceae
Aglaia silvestris (new record Qld) Aglaia silvestris Meliaceae
Alysicarpus monilifer* (newly natural­ised) Alysicarpus monilifer* Fabaceae
Amaranthus albus*(newly natural­ised) Amaranthus albus* Amaranthaceae
Angianthus cyathifer (new record Qld) Angianthus cyathifer Asteraceae
Anthosachne fertilis (new record Qld) Anthosachne fertilis Poaceae
Aponogeton proliferus (E) Aponogeton prolifer(E) Aponogetonaceae
Arabidella procumbens (new record Qld) Arabidella procumbens Brassicaceae
Ardisia depauperata (illegitimate name) Ardisia hylandii Myrsinaceae
Argyreia soutteri Argyreia acuta Convolvulaceae
Aristida (new sp. Qld) Aristida jacobsiana Poaceae
Arthragrostis (new sp. & var. Qld) Arthragrostis brassiana var. brassiana Poaceae
Arthragrostis brassiana (new var. Qld) Arthragrostis brassiana var. minutiflora Poaceae
Asystasia gangetica ssp. micrantha* (newly natural­ised) Asystasia gangetica ssp. micrantha* Acanthaceae
Austrodanthonia bipartita Rytidosperma bipartitum Poaceae
Austrodanthonia induta Rytidosperma indutum Poaceae
Austrodanthonia racemosa Rytidosperma racemosum Poaceae
Austrodanthonia racemosa var. obtusata Rytidosperma racemosum var. obtusatum Poaceae
Austrodanthonia racemosa var.racemosa Rytidosperma racemosum var. racemosum Poaceae
Austrodanthonia tenuior
Rytidosperma tenuius Poaceae
Backhousia tetraptera (new record Qld) Backhousia tetraptera Myrtaceae
Banksia spinulosa var. neoanglica Banksia neoanglica Proteaceae
Bauhinia yunnanensis* Phanera yunnanensis* Caesalpiniaceae
Begonia hirtella* (newly natural­ised) Begonia hirtella* Begoniaceae
Blainvillea dubia Blainvillea cunninghamii Asteraceae
Blyxa aubertii (misapplied - part) Blyxa echinosperma Hydrocharitaceae
Boehmeria nivea; Boehmeria sp. Eungella (misapplied to Qld material) Debregeasia australis Urticaceae
Bossiaea(new sp. Qld) Bossiaea obovata Fabaceae
Bossiaea prostrata var. Tuan Creek Bossiaea dasycarpa Fabaceae
Bossiaea rhombifolia ssp.concolor Bossiaea concolor Fabaceae
Bossiaea rhombifolia ssp.rhombi­folia Bossiaea rhombifolia Fabaceae
Brachyscome nova-anglica (new record Qld) Brachyscome nova-anglica Asteraceae
Brunfelsia australis* (newly natural­ised) Brunfelsia australis* Solanaceae
Bulbophyllum blumei (E) Bulbophyllum maxillare(E) Orchidaceae
Bulbophyllum whitei (new record Qld)
Bulbophyllum whitei Orchidaceae
Caldesia parnassifolia (misapplied) Caldesia reniformis Alismataceae
Calyptochloa (new sp. Qld) Calyptochloa cylindrosperma Poaceae
Calyptochloa (new sp. Qld) Calyptochloa johnsoniana Poaceae
Calyptochloa gracillima (new ssp. Qld) Calyptochloa gracillima ssp. gracillima Poaceae
Calyptochloa gracillima (new ssp. Qld) Calyptochloa gracillima ssp. ipsviciensis Poaceae
Calyptochloa sp. Charters Towers Dimorphochloasp. Charters Towers Poaceae
Carex cruciata var. rafflesiana (N) Carex rafflesiana(N) Cyperaceae
Cenchrus elymoides var.brevisetosus Cenchrus brevisetosus Poaceae
Cenchrus elymoides var.elymoides Cenchrus elymoides Poaceae
Cenchrus incertus* Cenchrus spinifex* Poaceae
Centratherum punctatum ssp.punctatum* Centratherum punctatum* Asteraceae
Ceriops decandra (misapplied to Qld) Ceriops pseudodecandra Rhizophoraceae
Chamaesyce atoto (misapplied) Euphorbia pallens Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce australis Euphorbia australis var. subtomentosa (in Qld) Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce biconvexa Euphorbia biconvexa Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce bifida Euphorbia bifida Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce carissoides Euphorbia carissoides(V) Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce centralis Euphorbia centralis Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce coghlanii Euphorbia coghlanii Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce dallachyana Euphorbia dallachyana Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce drummondii Euphorbia drummondii Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce filipes (var. recognised) Euphorbia mitchelliana var. filipes Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce hirta* Euphorbia hirta* Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce hyssopifolia* Euphorbia hyssopifolia* Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce inappendiculata (var. reinstated) Euphorbia inappendiculata var. queenslandica Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce maculata* Euphorbia maculata* Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce micradenia Euphorbia bifida Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce mitchelliana Euphorbia mitchelliana Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce mitchelliana (new variety) Euphorbia mitchelliana var. mitchelliana Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce obliqua Euphorbia obliqua Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce ophiolitica Euphorbia ophiolitica Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce ophthalmica* Euphorbia ophthalmica* Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce petala Euphorbia petala Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce prostrata* Euphorbia prostrata* Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce psammogeton Euphorbia psammogeton Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce schultzii Euphorbia schultzii Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce serpens Euphorbia serpens Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce sp. Georgetown Euphorbia hassallii Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce sp. Pathungra Euphorbia papillata Euphorbiaceae
Chamaesyce thymifolia* Euphorbia thymifolia* Euphorbiaceae
Chenopodium ambrosioides* Dysphania ambrosioides * Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium carinatum Dysphania carinata Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium cristatum Dysphania cristata Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium multifidum* Dysphania multifida* Chenopodiaceae
Chenopodium pumilio. Dysphania pumilio Chenopodiaceae
Chionanthus (newly recognised Qld) Chionanthus picrophloia Oleaceae
Choricarpia leptopetala Backhousia leptopetala Myrtaceae
Choricarpia subargentea Backhousia subargentea. Myrtaceae
Chrysophyllum cainito* (newly natural­ised) Chrysophyllum cainito* Sapotaceae
Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus* Citrullus lanatus* Cucurbitaceae
Cleistochloa rigida Dimorphochloa rigida Poaceae
Cleome hassleriana* Tarenaya hassleriana* Cleomaceae
Cleome uncifera (misapplied to Qld.) Cleome microaustralica Cleomaceae
Cocos nucifera* cv (only the cultivar is naturalised)) Cocos nucifera* cv. domesticated Arecaceae
Conyza canadensis var.canadensis* Conyza canadensis* Asteraceae
Conyza canadensis var.pusilla * Conyza parva* Asteraceae
Costus potierae (E) Cheilocostus potierae(E) Costaceae
Crotalaria zanzibarica* Crotalaria trichotoma* Fabaceae
Croton (new sp. Qld) Croton dichromifolius Euphorbiaceae
Croton (new sp. Qld) Croton lucens Euphorbiaceae
Crudia sp. Crudia abbreviata(N) Caesalpiniaceae
Cryptandra (new sp. & ssp. Qld) Cryptandra speciosa ssp. strigosa Rhamnaceae
Cryptandra propinqua (new ssp. Qld) Cryptandra propinqua ssp. maranoa Rhamnaceae
Cryptandra rigida Cryptandra propinqua ssp. propinqua Rhamnaceae
Cucumis (re-instated name) Cucumis picrocarpus Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis maderaspatanus (misapplied ) Cucumis argenteus Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis maderaspatanus (misapplied) Cucumis althaeoides Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis melo ssp. agrestis Cucumis melo Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis melo ssp. Longreach Cucumis melo Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis melo ssp. Manfred Cucumis melo Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis sp. (Chillagoe (part); Cucumis queenslandicus Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis sp. (Mt Surprise)    
Cucumis sp. Chillagoe Cucumis althaeoides (part) Cucurbitaceae
Cucumis sp. Little Annan River Cucumis costatus(N) Cucurbitaceae
Cyrtococcum (newly recognised sp.) Cyrtococcum capitis-york Poaceae
Cyrtococcum trigonum (new record Qld)
Cyrtococcum trigonum Poaceae
Dalbergia latifolia* (newly natural­ised) Dalbergia latifolia* Fabaceae
Daviesia squarrosa not in Queensland Fabaceae
Dendrobium cacatua Dendrobium tetragonum Orchidaceae
Dendrobium capitis-york Dendrobium tetragonum Orchidaceae
Dendrobium melaleucaphilum Dendrobium tetragonum Orchidaceae
Dendrobium speciosum (ssp. for Qld) Dendrobium speciosum ssp. capricornicum Orchidaceae
Dendrobium speciosum (ssp. for Qld) Dendrobium speciosum ssp. curvicaule Orchidaceae
Dendrobium speciosum (ssp. for Qld) Dendrobium speciosum ssp. grandiflorum Orchidaceae
Dendrobium speciosum (ssp. for Qld) Dendrobium speciosum ssp. hillii Orchidaceae
Dendrobium speciosum (ssp. for Qld) Dendrobium speciosum ssp. pedunculatum Orchidaceae
Dendrobium uniflos Cadetia uniflos Orchidaceae
Derwentia arenaria (N) Veronica arenaria(N) Scrophulariaceae
Derwentia derwentiana ssp. derwentiana Veronica derwentiana ssp. derwentiana Scrophulariaceae
Desmodium cinereum* (newly natural­ised) Desmodium cinereum* Fabaceae
Digitaria coenicola (misapplied to Qld) Digitaria divaricatissima var. divaricatissima Poaceae
Digitaria divaricatissima (new var. Qld) Digitaria divaricatissima var. macractinia Poaceae
Digitaria sp. Chesterton NP Digitaria dolleryi Poaceae
Digitaria sp. Great Basalt Wall Digitaria basaltica Poaceae
Digitaria sp. Sunnybank Digitaria sharpeana Poaceae
Digitaria sp. Surat Digitaria veldkampiana Poaceae
Diospyros ellipticifolia f. australiensis (=Diospyros major f. australiensis) (misapplied) Diospyrossp. Blackall Range Ebenaceae
Diospyros sp. Bamaga Diospyros areolifolia(V) Ebenaceae
Diospyros sp. Claudie River Diospyros fasciculosa Ebenaceae
Distichostemon barklyanus Dodonaea barklyana Sapindaceae
Distichostemon dodecandrus Dodonaea dodecandra Sapindaceae
Distichostemon hispidulus var. hispidulus Dodonaea hispidula var. hispidula Sapindaceae
Distichostemon malvaceus Dodonaea malvacea Sapindaceae
Diuris (newly recognised Qld) Diuris curta Orchidaceae
Drosera (newly recognised Qld) Drosera hookeri Droseraceae
Drosera angustifolia Drosera indica Droseraceae
Drosera lunata
Drosera lunata (re-instated name) Droseraceae
Ectrosia eragrostoides (new record QLD) Ectrosia eragrostoides Poaceae
Elaeocarpus sp. Mossman Bluff Elaeocarpus hylobroma Elaeocarpaceae
Eleocharis (new sp. Qld) Eleocharis jacobsiana Cyperaceae
Eleocharis (new sp. Qld) Eleocharis rivalis Cyperaceae
Eleocharis acutangula.(in Qld.) Eleocharis acutangula ssp. acutangula Cyperaceae
Eleocharis sp.Kapalga Billabong Eleocharis sanguinolenta Cyperaceae
Elymus multiflorus var.multiflorus Anthosachne multiflora ssp. multiflora Poaceae
Elymus plurinervis Anthosachne plurinervis Poaceae
Elymus scaber Anthosachne scabra Poaceae
Emmenosperma (newly recognised Qld) Emmenosperma pancherianum Rhamnaceae
Entolasia sp. Miles Entolasia minutifolia Poaceae
Enydra fluctuans* (newly natural­ised) Enydra fluctuans* Asteraceae
Eremophila christophorii (new record Qld) Eremophila christophorii Myoporaceae
Eriachne avenacea (misapplied Qld) Eriachne aristidea Poaceae
Eriachne capillaris (new record Qld) Eriachne capillaris Poaceae
Eriachne scleranthoides (misapplied Qld) Eriachne mucronata Poaceae
Erodium angustilobum Erodium cygnorum Geraniaceae
Eucalyptus melanophloia (new ssp.) Eucalyptus melanophloia ssp. melanophloia Myrtaceae
Eucalyptus melanophloia ssp.Dajarra Eucalyptus melanophloia ssp. nana Myrtaceae
Eucalyptus sideroxylon (new ssp.) Eucalyptus sideroxylon ssp. sideroxylon Myrtaceae
Eucalyptus sideroxylon ssp.Waaje Eucalyptus sideroxylon ssp. improcera(V) Myrtaceae
Euonymus globularis Dinghoua globularis(N) Celastraceae
Euphorbia (new sp. & var. Qld) Euphorbia macdonaldii var. macdonaldii Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. & var. Qld) Euphorbia thelephora var. thelephora Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia accedens Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia crassimarginata Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia laciniloba Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia litticola Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia multifaria Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia porcata Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (new sp. Qld) Euphorbia trigonosperma Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia (newly recognised Qld) Euphorbia wheeleri * Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia ferdinandi (new var. Qld) Euphorbia ferdinandi var. appendiculata Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia ferdinandi (reinstated sp. & new var. for Qld) Euphorbia ferdinandi var. ferdinandi Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia inappendiculata (new var. Qld) Euphorbia inappendiculata robustior Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia macdonaldii (new var. Qld) Euphorbia macdonaldii var. potentillina Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia mitchelliana (new var. Qld) Euphorbia mitchelliana var. longiloba Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia papillata (new var. Qld) Euphorbia papillata var. laevicaulis Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia papillata (new var. Qld) Euphorbia papillata var. papillata Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia papillifolia (new var. Qld) Euphorbia papillifolia var. papillifolia Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia papillifolia (new var. Qld) Euphorbia papillifolia var. polyandra Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia schultzii (new var. Qld) Euphorbia schultzii var. comans Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia schultzii (new var. Qld) Euphorbia schultzii var. schultzii Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia thelephora (new var. Qld) Euphorbia thelephora var. australis Euphorbiaceae
Euphorbia thelephora (new var. Qld) Euphorbia thelephora var. rugosa Euphorbiaceae
Eutaxia microphylla var. microphylla (misapplied to Qld)
Eutaxia diffusa Fabaceae
Ficus platypoda (new record for Qld) Ficus platypoda Moraceae
Fimbristylis (newly recognised Qld) Fimbristylis dipsacea Cyperaceae
Fimbristylis miliacea Fimbristylis quinquangularis Cyperaceae
Fimbristylis pterygosperma Fimbristylis pterigosperma Cyperaceae
Flemingia involucrata
Flemingia trifoliata Fabaceae
Gaultheria sp. Mt Merino Gaultheria viridicarpa Ericaceae
Gazania rigens* (var. recognised) Gazania rigens var. rigens* Asteraceae
Geissois benthamii Geissois benthamiana Cunoniaceae
Gmelina hollrungii(new record Qld) Gmelina hollrungii Lamiaceae
Goodenia heteroptera Goodenia minutiflora Goodeniaceae
Goodenia paludicola Goodenia pilosa Goodeniaceae
Goodia (new sp. Qld) Goodia macrocarpa. Fabaceae
Goodia (new sp. Qld) Goodia parviflora Fabaceae
Goodia lotifolia var.lotifolia Goodia lotifolia Fabaceae
Gynochthodes (newly recognised Qld)
Gynochthodes australiensis Rubiaceae
Halodule (newly recognised Qld) Halodule tridentata Cymodoceaceae
Halophila ovalis ssp. ovalis (now a species) (H. ovalis ssp. australis = H. australis, not in Qld.) Halophila ovalis Hydrocharitaceae
Harrisia martini* Harrisia martini* Cactaceae
Hedraianthera sp. Mossman Brassiantha hedraiantheroides Celastraceae
Hedypnois rhagadioloides ssp. cretica* Leontodon rhagadioloides* Asteraceae
Hedypnois rhagadioloides ssp. rhagadioloides* Leontodon rhagadioloides* Asteraceae
Hedypnois rhagadioloides* Leontodon rhagadioloides* Asteraceae
Helenium amarum* (variety recognised) Helenium amarum var. amarum* Asteraceae
Heliotropium (new sp. Qld) Heliotropium microspermum Boraginaceae
Hemigraphis reptans* (newly natural­ised) Hemigraphis reptans* Acanthaceae
Hemigraphis royenii Hemigraphis ciliata Acanthaceae
Hibbertia (new sp. Qld Hibbertia bicarpellata Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia (new sp. Qld) Hibbertia caudice Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia (new sp. Qld) Hibbertia eciliata Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia (new sp. Qld) Hibbertia nemorosa Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia (new sp. Qld) Hibbertia reticulata Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia (new sp. Qld) Hibbertia rufociliata Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia echiifolia Hibbertia echiifolia ssp. echiifolia Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia serpyllifolia (re-instated name) Hibbertia serpyllifolia Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia sp. Mt Tozer Hibbertia araneolifera Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia stirlingii f.stelligera Hibbertia stelligera Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia stirlingii f.stirlingii Hibbertia stirlingii Dilleniaceae
Hibiscus trionum var.trionum Hibiscus tridactylites Malvaceae
Hibiscus trionum var.vesicarius Hibiscus verdcourtii Malvaceae
Hollandaea sp. Devils Thumb Hollandaea diabolica Proteaceae
Hollandaea sp. Pinnacle Rock Track Hollandaea porphyrocarpa Proteaceae
Homoranthus (new sp. Qld) Homoranthus brevistylis Myrtaceae
Homoranthus (new sp. Qld) Homoranthus cummingii Myrtaceae
Homoranthus sp. Mt Mulligan Homoranthus clarksonii Myrtaceae
Homoranthus sp. Wyaga Homoranthus vagans. Myrtaceae
Hypericum (newly recognised Qld) Hypericum involutum Clusiaceae
Hypericum japonicum (misapplied) Hypericum pusillum Clusiaceae
Hyptis pectinata*
Mesosphaerum pectinatum* Lamiaceae
Hyptis suaveolens* Mesosphaerum suaveolens * Lamiaceae
Indigofera (new sp. Qld) Indigofera erubescens Fabaceae
Indigofera australis Indigofera australis ssp. australis (only in Qld) Fabaceae
Indigofera brevidens var.brevidens Indigofera brevidens Fabaceae
Indigofera brevidens var.uncinata Indigofera helmsii Fabaceae
Indigofera sp. Aramac Indigofera queenslandica Fabaceae
Indigofera sp. St AnnÕs Homestead    
Indigofera vohemarensis* (newly natural­ised) Indigofera vohemarensis* Fabaceae
Iotasperma (newly recognised Qld) Iotasperma sessilifolium Asteraceae
Ipomoea gracilis var.sagittata Ipomoea funicularis Convolvulaceae
Ipomoea macrantha (illegitimate name) Ipomoea violacea Convolvulaceae
Ipomoea sp. Kununurra Ipomoea limosa Convolvulaceae
Ipomoea sp. Mungana Ipomoea densivestita Convolvulaceae
Ipomoea stolonifera (illegitimate name) Ipomoea imperati(N) Convolvulaceae
Isachne sp. Cape Tribulation Isachne sharpii Poaceae
Isolepis nodosa Ficinia nodosa Cyperaceae
Isolepis sepulcralis (misapplied) Isolepis australiensis Cyperaceae
Isotoma luticola (new record Qld) Isotoma luticola Campanulaceae
Ixiochlamys nana (new record Qld)
Ixiochlamys nana Asteraceae
Justicia brandegeana. Justicia brandegeeana* Acanthaceae
Kelita (new sp. Qld) Kelita uncinella Amaranthaceae
Laccospadix australasica Laccospadix australasicus Arecaceae
Leea indica (misapplied?) Leea guineensis Vitaceae
Leontodon taraxacoides ssp. Leontodon saxatilis* Asteraceae
taraxacoides* (illegitimate name)    
Lepidium hypenantion (new record Qld) Lepidium hypenantion Brassicaceae
Leptochloa decipiens Dinebra decipiens Poaceae
Leptochloa decipiens ssp.asthenes Dinebra decipiens var. asthenes Poaceae
Leptochloa decipiens ssp. decipiens Dinebra decipiens var. decipiens Poaceae
Leptochloa decipiens ssp. peacockii Dinebra decipiens var. peacockii Poaceae
Leptochloa divaricatissima Dinebra divaricatissima Poaceae
Leptochloa fusca Diplachne fusca Poaceae
Leptochloa fusca ssp. fusca Diplachne fusca fusca Poaceae
Leptochloa fusca ssp. muelleri Diplachne fusca var. muelleri Poaceae
Leptochloa fusca ssp. uninervia* Diplachne fusca var. uninervia* Poaceae
Leptochloa ligulata Dinebra ligulata Poaceae
Leptochloa neesii Dinebra neesii Poaceae
Leptochloa panicea ssp. brachiata* Dinebra panicea var. brachiata* Poaceae
Leptochloa simoniana Dinebra simoniana Poaceae
Leptochloa southwoodii Dinebra southwoodii Poaceae
Lepyrodia sp. Dunwich Lepyrodia imitans Restionaceae
Leucochrysum (newly recognised Qld) Leucochrysum fitzgibbonii Asteraceae
Leucopogon lanceolatus (illegitimate name) Leucopogon affinis. Ericaceae
Limnobium laevigatum (newly natural­ised) Limnobium laevigatum* Hydrocharitaceae
Lindernia (newly recognised Qld) Lindernia pusilla Scrophulariaceae
Linospadix apetiolata Linospadix apetiolatus Arecaceae
Linospadix microcarya (N) Linospadix microcaryus(N) Arecaceae
Linospadix monostachya Linospadix monostachyos Arecaceae
Linospadix palmeriana (N) Linospadix palmerianus(N) Arecaceae
Lobelia (newly recognised Qld) Lobelia arnhemiaca Campanulaceae
Lobelia (newly recognised Qld) Lobelia dentata Campanulaceae
Lobelia alata (illegitimate name) Lobelia Campanulaceae
Luvunga (newly recognised Qld)
Luvunga monophylla Rutaceae
Macfadyena unguis-cati* Dolichandra unguis-cati* Bignoniaceae
Manihot glaziovii Manihot carthaginensis ssp. glaziovii* Euphorbiaceae
Manilkara (newly recognised Qld) Manilkara kanosiensis Sapotaceae
Maytenus bilocularis Denhamia bilocularis Celastraceae
Maytenus cunninghamii Denhamia cunninghamii Celastraceae
Maytenus disperma Denhamia disperma Celastraceae
Maytenus fasciculiflora Denhamia fasciculiflora Celastraceae
Maytenus silvestris Denhamia silvestris Celastraceae
Melaleuca brachyandra (new record Qld) (later corrected -culti­vated only) Melaleuca brachyandra Myrtaceae
Merremia davenportii Davenportia davenportii Convolvulaceae
Microstegium nudum Leptatherum nudum Poaceae
Morinda ammitia Gynochthodes ammitia Rubiaceae
Morinda bracteata var. celebica Gynochthodes celebica Rubiaceae
Morinda canthoides Gynochthodes canthoides Rubiaceae
Morinda constipata Gynochthodes constipata Rubiaceae
Morinda jasminoides Gynochthodes jasminoides Rubiaceae
Morinda podistra Gynochthodes podistra Rubiaceae
Morinda reticulata Coelospermum decipiens Rubiaceae
Morinda retropila Gynochthodes retropila Rubiaceae
Morinda umbellata Gynochthodes umbellata Rubiaceae
Muehlenbeckia costata (name not yet published) Muehlenbeckiasp. Stanthorpe Polygonaceae
Muelleranthus (new sp. Qld) Muelleranthus parvalatus Fabaceae
Myoporum montanum Myoporum acuminatum Myoporaceae
Myriophyllum (new sp. Qld)
Myriophyllum jacobsii Haloragaceae
Najas graminea var. graminea (new record Qld) Najas graminea graminea Najadaceae
Najas halophila (new record Qld) Najas halophila Najadaceae
Najas malesiana (new record Qld) Najas malesiana Najadaceae
Nicotiana (newly recognised sp.) Nicotiana exigua Solanaceae
Niemeyera antiloga Amorphospermum antilogum Sapotaceae
Notelaea longifolia f. intermedia (new record Qld) Notelaea longifolia f. intermedia Oleaceae
Notodanthonia longifolia Rytidosperma longifolium Poaceae
Nymphaea (new sp. & ssp. Qld) Nymphaea jacobsii ssp. jacobsii Nymphaeaceae
Nymphaea (new sp. Qld) Nymphaea noelae Nymphaeaceae
Nymphaea (new sp. Qld) Nymphaea vaporalis Nymphaeaceae
Nymphaea immutabilis ssp.immutabilis Nymphaea immutabilis Nymphaeaceae
Nymphaea jacobsii (new ssp. Qld) Nymphaea jacobsii ssp. toomba Nymphaeaceae
Nyssanthes (new sp. Qld) Nyssanthes longistyla Amaranthaceae
Nyssanthes (new sp. Qld)
Nyssanthes impervia Amaranthaceae
Olax (newly recognised Qld) Olax imbricata Olacaceae
Olearia arguta (var. now recognised) Olearia arguta var. lanata (only one var. in Qld) Asteraceae
Oplismenus undulatifolius var. mollis Oplismenus mollis Poaceae
Osteospermum ecklonis * Dimorphotheca ecklonis* Asteraceae
Ottelia ovalifolia (new subspecies) Ottelia ovalifolia ssp. chrysobasis Hydrocharitaceae
Ottelia ovalifolia (new subspecies)
Ottelia ovalifolia ssp. ovalifolia Hydrocharitaceae
Pandanus dammannii Pandanus spiralis Pandanaceae
Pandanus yalna Pandanus solmslaubachii Pandanaceae
Paraserianthes toona Falcataria toona Mimosaceae
Parietaria cardiostegia (new record Qld) Parietaria cardiostegia Urticaceae
Paspalidium sp. Muswellbrook Paspalidium johnsonii Poaceae
Pelargonium australe ssp.australe Pelargonium australe Geraniaceae
Pennisetum alopecuroides Cenchrus purpurascens Poaceae
Pennisetum basedowii. Cenchrus basedowii Poaceae
Pennisetum ciliare* Cenchrus ciliaris* Poaceae
Pennisetum clandestinum* Cenchrus clandestinus* Poaceae
Pennisetum glaucum * Cenchrus americanus* Poaceae
Pennisetum pedicellatum ssp. unispiculum* Cenchrus pedicellatus ssp. pedicellatus* Poaceae
Pennisetum pedicellatum. ssp. pedicellatum* Cenchrus pedicellatus ssp. unispiculus* Poaceae
Pennisetum pennisetiforme* Cenchrus pennisetiformis* Poaceae
Pennisetum polystachion * Cenchrus polystachyos* Poaceae
Pennisetum purpureum* Cenchrus purpureus* Poaceae
Pennisetum setaceum* Cenchrus setaceus* Poaceae
Pennisetum setigerum* Cenchrus setigerus* Poaceae
Pennisetum villosum* Cenchrus longisetus* Poaceae
Peplidium aithocheilum (new record Qld) Peplidium aithocheilum Scrophulariaceae
Phyllanthus (new sp. Qld) Phyllanthus hebecarpus Phyllanthaceae
Phyllanthus (newly recognised Qld) Phyllanthus hirtellus Phyllanthaceae
Planchonella pubescens Planchonella myrsinoides Sapotaceae
Plectranthus (new sp. Qld) Plectranthus bellus Lamiaceae
Plectranthus (new sp. Qld) Plectranthus fragrantissimus Lamiaceae
Plectranthus (new sp. Qld) Plectranthus insularis Lamiaceae
Plectranthus sp. Restoration Island Plectranthus venustus Lamiaceae
Pluchea (new sp. Qld) Pluchea punctata Asteraceae
Pluchea dioscoridis (misapplied) Pluchea xanthina Asteraceae
Pogonolobus reticulatus Coelospermum reticulatum Rubiaceae
Poikilogyne (new record Qld) Poikilogyne cordifolia cordifolia Melastomataceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala dependens Polygalaceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala gabrielae Polygalaceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala glaucifolia Polygalaceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala obversa Polygalaceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala parviloba Polygalaceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala pendulina Polygalaceae
Polygala (new sp. Qld) Polygala scorpioides Polygalaceae
Polygala (newly recognised Qld) Polygala polifolia Polygalaceae
Polygala (newly recognised Qld) Polygala triflora Polygalaceae
Polygala pycnophylla (N) Polygala pycnantha(N) Polygalaceae
Polygala sp. Camooweal Polygala barklyensis Polygalaceae
Polygala sp. Georgetown Polygala crassitesta Polygalaceae
Polygala sp. Kennedy Polygala glaucoides Polygalaceae
Polygala sp. Portland Roads Polygala pterocarpa Polygalaceae
Polygala sp. White Mountains Polygala difficilis Polygalaceae
Poranthera coerulea (new record Qld) Poranthera coerulea Phyllanthaceae
Potamogeton (newly recognised Qld) Potamogeton sulcatus Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton pectinatus Stuckenia pectinata Potamogetonaceae
Pratia concolor Lobelia concolor Campanulaceae
Pratia pedunculata Lobelia pedunculata Campanulaceae
Pratia podenzanae Lobelia membranacea Campanulaceae
Pratia puberula Lobelia pedunculata Campanulaceae
Prostanthera (new sp. Qld) Prostanthera howelliae Lamiaceae
Prostanthera (newly recognised Qld) Prostanthera scutellarioides Lamiaceae
Prostanthera sp. Wallangarra Prostanthera petraea Lamiaceae
Pseudoraphis sp. Port Douglas Pseudoraphis jagonis Poaceae
Pseudoweinmannia apetala (reinstated) Pseudoweinmannia apetala Cunoniaceae
Psilanthus brassii Coffea brassii Rubiaceae
Psychotria nematopoda Amaracarpus nematopodus Rubiaceae
Pterocaulon (new sp. Qld) Pterocaulon ciliosum Asteraceae
Pterocaulon (new sp. Qld) Pterocaulon intermedium Asteraceae
Pterocaulon (new sp. Qld) Pterocaulon tricholobum Asteraceae
Pterocaulon sp. Yarrowmere Station Pterocaulon intermedium Asteraceae
Pterocaulon sphaeranthoides Pterocaulon sphacelatum Asteraceae
Pterostylis (new sp. Qld) Pterostylis mystacina Orchidaceae
Pterostylis (newly recognised Qld) Pterostylis hamata Orchidaceae
Pterostylis furcata (not in Qld) Pterostylis nutans Orchidaceae
Pterostylis reflexa (not in Qld) Pterostylis russellii Orchidaceae
Ptilotus gaudichaudii var. parviflorus
Ptilotus gaudichaudii ssp. parviflorus Amaranthaceae
Quassia baileyana (N) Samadera baileyana(N) Simaroubaceae
Quassia bidwillii (V) Samadera bidwillii(V) Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. Barong Samaderasp. Barong Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. Dam Creek Samaderasp. Dam Creek Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. Kennedy River (V) Samaderasp. Kennedy River (V) Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. Mt Goonaneman Samaderasp. Mt Goonaneman Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. Mt Nardi Samaderasp. Mt Nardi Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. St Mary Samaderasp. St Mary Simaroubaceae
Quassia sp. Tozer Range
Samaderasp. Tozer Range Simaroubaceae
Roepera (newly recognised Qld) Roepera prismatotheca (= Zygophyllum prismatothecum) Zygophyllaceae
Ruellia blechum* (newly natural­ised) Ruellia blechum* Acanthaceae
Ruellia tweediana* Ruellia simplex* Acanthaceae
Rulingia dasyphylla Commersonia dasyphylla Byttneriaceae
Rulingia loxophylla Commersonia loxophylla Byttneriaceae
Rulingia prostrata Commersonia prostrata Byttneriaceae
Rulingia salviifolia Commersonia salviifolia(N) Byttneriaceae
Ryssopterys timorensis
Stigmaphyllon timoriense Malpighiaceae
Salsola kali (misapplied) Salsola australis Chenopodiaceae
Sauropus (newly recognised Qld) Sauropus hubbardii Phyllanthaceae
Sauropus decrescentifolia Sauropus decrescentifolius Phyllanthaceae
Sauropus elachophyllus ssp.elachophyllus Sauropus elachophyllus var. elachophyllus Phyllanthaceae
Sauropus elachophyllus var.glaber Sauropus elachophyllus var. latior Phyllanthaceae
Schmidtia pappophoroides* (newly natural­ised) Schmidtia pappophoroides* Poaceae
Schoenoplectus littoralis (misapplied) Schoenoplectus subulatus Cyperaceae
Schoenoplectus validus Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Cyperaceae
Sciaphila (newly recognised Qld) Sciaphila densiflora Triuridaceae
Sedopsis filsonii (new record Qld) Sedopsis filsonii Portulacaceae
Sesbania (new sp. Qld) Sesbania burbidgeae Fabaceae
Sesbania javanica (misapplied) Sesbania benthamiana Fabaceae
Setaria pumila ssp. pallidefusca * Setaria pumila ssp. subtesselata* Poaceae
Sicyos (new sp. Qld) Sicyos undara Cucurbitaceae
Sida ciliaris* (newly natural­ised) Sida ciliaris* Malvaceae
Sida corrugate (var. now recognized) Sida corrugata var. angustifolia Malvaceae
Sida corrugate (var. now recognized) Sida corrugata var. corrugata Malvaceae
Sida pedunculata (invalid name) Sida fibulifera Malvaceae
Sida trichopoda var. Palardo Sida laevis Malvaceae
Sida virgata Sida macropoda (in Qld) Malvaceae
Solanum (new sp. Qld) Solanum callosum Solanaceae
Solanum (new sp. Qld) Solanum emmottii Solanaceae
Solanum (new sp. Qld) Solanum fecundum Solanaceae
Solanum (new sp. Qld) Solanum orgadophilum Solanaceae
Solanum (new sp. Qld) Solanum pisinnum Solanaceae
Solanum (new sp. Qld) Solanum unispinum Solanaceae
Solanum (newly recognised Qld) Solanum lithophilum Solanaceae
Solanum incanum* (misapplied to Qld) Solanum insanum* Solanaceae
Solanum longissimum Solanum lucani Solanaceae
Solanum viarum* (newly natural­ised) Solanum viarum* Solanaceae
Solidago canadensis var. scabra* (misapplied) Solidago altissima ssp. altissima* Asteraceae
Spirodela punctata Spirodela oligorrhiza Araceae
Stellaria (newly recognised Qld) Stellaria multiflora ssp. collaris Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria (newly recognised Qld) Stellaria multiflora ssp. multiflora Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria angustifolia Stellaria angustifolia ssp. angustifolia (this ssp. in Qld) Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria sp. Cooyar Stellaria multiflora Caryophyllaceae
Stigmaphyllon (new sp. Qld) Stigmaphyllon mariae Malpighiaceae
Stigmaphyllon (newly recognised Qld) Stigmaphyllon australiense Malpighiaceae
Streblus brunonianus Streblus pendulinus Moraceae
Strobilanthes wallichii * (misapplied) Strobilanthes hamiltoniana* Acanthaceae
Stylidium (new sp. Qld) Stylidium centrolepoides Stylidiaceae
Stylidium (new sp. Qld) Stylidium elachophyllum Stylidiaceae
Symplocos cochinchinensis var. gittinsii Symplocos gittinsii Symplocaceae
Symplocos cochinchinensis var. glaberrima Symplocos glabra Symplocaceae
Symplocos cochinchinensis var. pilosiuscula. Symplocos puberula Symplocaceae
Symplocos cyanocarpa (new var. for Qld) Symplocos cyanocarpa var. cyanocarpa Symplocaceae
Symplocos sp. Big Tableland Symplocos cyanocarpa var. pilosa Symplocaceae
Symplocos sp. Boonjie Symplocos boonjee Symplocaceae
Symplocos sp. Mt Finnigan (N) Symplocos oresbia(N) Symplocaceae
Symplocos sp. North Mary Symplocos bullata Symplocaceae
Symplocos stawellii var. montana (N) Symplocos wooroonooran(N) Symplocaceae
Symplocos stawellii var. stawellii Symplocos stawellii Symplocaceae
Synadenium grantii
Euphorbia umbellata Euphorbiaceae
Tephrosia brachyodon var.retinervis Tephrosia brachyodon Fabaceae
Tephrosia flammea (misapplied) Tephrosia conspicua Fabaceae
Thespesia lampas var.thespesioides Thespesia thespesioides Malvaceae
Thymophylla tenuiloba (var. in Qld) Thymophylla tenuiloba var. tenuiloba Asteraceae
Trachoma papuanum (misapplied Qld) Trachoma subluteum Orchidaceae
Tribulus macrocarpus (new record Qld) Tribulus macrocarpus Zygophyllaceae
Trichosanthes holtzei Trichosanthes pilosa Cucurbitaceae
Trichosanthes ovigera Trichosanthes pilosa Cucurbitaceae
Trichosanthes sp. Mt Lewis Trichosanthes odontosperma Cucurbitaceae
Triglochin dubium Cycnogeton dubium Juncaginaceae
Triglochin microtuberosum Cycnogeton microtuberosum Juncaginaceae
Triglochin multifructum Cycnogeton multifructum Juncaginaceae
Triglochin procerum Cycnogeton procerum Juncaginaceae
Triglochin striatum
Triglochin striata Juncaginaceae
Urochloa gilesii Urochloa gilesii var. gilesii Poaceae
Urochloa notochthona Urochloa gilesii var. notochthona Poaceae
Utricularia (new sp. Qld) Utricularia blackmanii Lentibulariaceae
Utricularia (new sp. Qld) Utricularia corneliana Lentibulariaceae
Utricularia (newly recognised Qld)
Utricularia subulata Lentibulariaceae
Vallisneria (newly recognised Qld) Vallisneria gracilis Hydrocharitaceae
Vallisneria americana var. americana (misapplied) Vallisneria australis Hydrocharitaceae
Vallisneria rubra (new record Qld) Vallisneria rubra Hydrocharitaceae
Verbena aristigera* Glandularia aristigera* Verbenaceae
Vernonia elaeagnifolia Tarlmounia elliptica (also Vernonia elliptica) Asteraceae
Vittadinia eremaea (new record Qld)
Vittadinia eremaea Asteraceae
Wilkiea sp. Palmerston Wilkiea kaarruana Monimiaceae
Xerochloa laniflora (misapplied to Qld) Xerochloa barbata Poaceae
Xylosma ovatum (N )
Xylosma ovata(N) Flacourtiaceae
Zehneria (newly recognised Qld) Zehneria erythrobacca Cucurbitaceae
Zornia (new sp. Qld) Zornia macdonaldii Fabaceae
Zornia latifolia var.latifolia*; Zornia latifolia* Fabaceae
Zornia latifolia var.bernardinensis*    
Zornia pedunculata Zornia dyctiocarpa var.dyctiocarpa Fabaceae
Zostera muelleri ssp. capricorni Zostera capricorni Zosteraceae


Old Name 2010New Name 2013Family
Blechnum patersonii Blechnum patersonii ssp. queenslandicum Blechnaceae
Cycas(new sp. for Qld) Cycas papuana Cycadaceae
Cycas(new sp. for Qld) Cycas terryana Cycadaceae
Grammitis billardierei Notogrammitis billardierei Grammitidaceae
Huperzia carinata(E) Phlegmariurus carinatus(E) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia dalhousieana (E). Phlegmariurus dalhousieanus(E) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia filiformis(E) Phlegmariurus filiformis(E) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia lockyeri(V) Phlegmariurus lockyeri(V) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia marsupiiformis(V) Phlegmariurus marsupiiformis(V) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia phlegmaria (N) Phlegmariurus phlegmaria(N) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia phlegmarioides(V) Phlegmariurus phlegmarioides(V) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia squarrosa(E) Phlegmariurus squarrosus(E) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia tetrastichoides(V) Phlegmariurus tetrastichoides(V) Lycopodiaceae
Huperzia varia(V) Phlegmariurus varius(V) Lycopodiaceae
Marattia oreades Ptisana oreades Marattiaceae
Oleandra neriiformis(misapplied?) Oleandra musifolia Oleandraceae
Revwattsia fragilis Dryopteris wattsii Dryopteridaceae